Brady was born on Miami Beach in the 1960s. He grew up in the Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico where his dad taught scuba diving to tourist, and searched for sunken treasures in the Caribbean... But, then moved to Minnesota for high school (long story).

After high school, he joined the Army to make maps (Cartography) and eventially got a sweet duty post in Hawaii...! When he finished active duty he joined the National Guard, completed Officer Candidate School and became a commissioned Second Lieutenant.

Most of his adult life has been spent on the west coast, working in the civil engineering field. He has lived and worked in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco & San Diego. Brady has now returned to Florida where he has family, and to pursue a Real Estate career.

Having lived and worked in a number of other places around the country has given Brady a good understanding and appreciation of the diffferent regions of the US.

His experience managing complex design projects also helps him manage all the different aspects of a Real Estate transaction in a professional and timely manner.

He would love to be the Real Estate Professional you choose for your next home listing or home purchase...